Hello Micra Owners,
I have a dodgy back.
I owned a 2003 3 door K12 Micra S for 15 years. Back was so happy. It's the old style slab seat. I know it's crazy but it worked for me.

Just bought a 2008 Micra Activ Luxury. Still K12 but 5 door. 1.4 litre etc. It has much nicer seats. Part leather, even heated. Luxury indeed for a micra. But they are not the same as the 2003 K12 Micra S. And my back is aching like heck.

Simple solution would be to get the seat I like from the 2003 and put in the 2008.

Would it fit?
Is it OK to put a 3 door seat in a 5 door car?
Would it count as a modification for insurance?

Help appreciated
Thank you so much,