Screen wash Pump fuse

Sorry if this is a very basic question, I am more at home with computers than cars. The pump for the screen wash has stopped working. I want to check it isn't the fuse before I start thinking about anything else. I have found the fuse box but have absolutely no idea which fuse I should be looking at. I haven't been able to find anything that relates to which fuse does what. I have a K13
Do you have a haynes manual, that will probably tell you.

The pump only cost about £3 for the K12, cant imaging the K13 is that different.
Not sure! Even looked (admittedly quickly) through the ESM and could not see a reference.

Changing the pump is fairly inexpensive. Ours failed - well, didn't stop working, however when trying to use the front washers, it sprayed out the rear.

Simply case of buying replacement part (mine was a little more than £3!), pull the arch liner on the drivers side and its right there!