Screeching wipers!

Hope this is the right place to post,

Recently, my wipers have started to literally screech whenever they move, wet or dry. It’s not the blades either as they do it when the blades are up. I’ve also removed the arms to see if they’re rubbing on something and it still makes the noise when it’s just the stubs/dowels moving.

It’s that bad that I end up with a headache whenever it rains!

Has anyone had this experience and could share their solution or have a good idea what it could be and how to solve.

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K11s are well known for the o/s Bush failing or seizing up
May find as well play in the arm due to.this that causes the wiper to skip a bit on the screen


I've ruined my car 🙁
If it is what Nissan boy is suggesting, then go to your local scrapyard and buy another linkage, and use the passenger side Bush from that one to replace your original drivers side bush