Replacing the gear shifter

Hi im currently looking for a few parts to assist me in the replacement of the gear shifter mech.
What I need to know is what parts of the exhaust should I have on hand
Going to have to drop the exhaust from the mid section to allow access and I sort of have an idea what bits i should be getting but I'm having trouble locating and being ultra sure that i have all the bits I will require to make it possible for it to be reinstalled correctly.
the mid section of the exhaust on visual inspection is in great condition of what I can see.

This is what I have found so far

Exhaust Gasket

Copper flashed manifold nuts (For easy removal later if needed) -- (and possibly for removal of manifold to get at bolts I want to remove for heatshield)
Manifold Gasket.

Do I also need a crush gasket and any special bolts with springs Im finding this part confusing as to exactly what I may need so I guess this is the main question I have for now.
Copper flashed manifold nuts (For easy removal later if needed) -- (and possibly for removal of manifold to get at bolts I want to remove for heatshield)
Manifold Gasket.
Image of the exhaust diagram with pointer showing what may be nearest removal point for gaining access to the shift mech.
Hopefully this will be all I need along with some adhesive to re-fix the plate under the mechanism
Edit :- Exhaust Fitting Kit fits NISSAN MICRA K12 1.2 03 to 10
Klarius Exhaust Gasket 410485

So far have received the exhaust fitting kit.
Its got no springs and no nuts.
Seems to be four bolts 2 are shorter ones those must be for the hanger I guess.
Seems like it's only half of a kit to me a kit would contain all the items to refix an item.

The Klarius Exhaust Gasket 410485 is not needed for this but may be nice to have on hand incase I notice any leeks at or around the backbox section.

Edit :-
Enough guessing here is what I will most likely need
2 pairs of the kit shown so 4 M10 bolts and 2 gaskets
Lastly the copper nuts since these wont rust/fuse like standard ones.

Now i dont think im buying a kit twice so here is the (Diameter for the gaskets)
Might be useful if anyone is interested to know dimentions
Wire Ring Exhaust Gasket
45mm inner
61mm outer
15mm height


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Today I have open the shifter and filled up all the cracks in the white Polly plastic then re applied some grease to see what difference it would make if any..
I now have a question.
The area circled in the image below when the shifter is moved side to side it does not return to center position.
This is with the mechanism not yet installed to the vehicle.
I'm now wondering if this is normal or if a bush or spring is missing from that area highlighted.
My guess would be a spring be in that spot because a bushing would prevent any side to side movement I think.

Have also sealed the unit back up ready to install as I don't see much chance of anything being missing.

Also I have a tip for removing the shifter knob. I put the unit upside down in the work bench. Held a bit of towel over the under side. Then hit lightly with a rubber mallet. This easily removed the knob that would not move with vice grip or anything else I tried.
This was required in order to remove the the mechanism fully from the plastic casing.

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Have recently got a gasket that I figured would be handy.
Then realized that each join has a crush doughnut gasket.
And not this type but still may be useful when I put it back together.
Seems to be a ford part and looks to be very large.
I'm still missing a couple item's.
Delay in postage and I'm now reluctant to have things sent via courier due to the corona.
Need to get the car up in the air and take some under body pictures.
This is something I have wanted to view from the beginning of my journey with the micra..
Edit :- Got the M10 flanged nuts today. (Just got the stainless ones as they should be okay with anti sieze. I forgot to order M10 bolts.
Still not sure if these are correct.
Surprised no one here had any information on what to get.

Now I can see they are actually M8 bolts as I first thought and these parts I bought I do not think I will need to remove at the cat but the mid section will be fine.
I'm going to spray them and continue tomorrow I have taken video footage and the under body looks really solid and sound as far as I can see any how I will try and post this up later on.

This may take sometime


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Here is the exhaust and a bit of under body view please ignore the sound its just for the view..

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Trying to get these that hold the shifter cables on they won't budge I can see they have clips but is there anything I'm missing?

I'm ready to remove those clips now the box is out and exhaust off.
Just these plastic holders seem really tight.

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Feels so much nicer now I think this is the older version not sure but the bottom was different to mine.
Update it feels absolutely amazing now and how I was expecting it would
How I got the clips off in the end was by holding them with vice grips to enable me a bit more lever to wobble till they would move and eventually it came off a lot easier that way.

It has almost zero side to side or other unwanted motion so was definitely worth paying for a replacement it actually cost 40 quid I think..


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Had a shot at repair the removed unit.
Feels better now than it was but isn't even close to the other however I did seal it twice.
Dunno tho I think its really loose and not worth re using again.

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Today I'm trying to remove the old rivets in the rear number plate..
Last time the front took so long I stopped after that was done.
They sure do make them hard to remove.
This is a good thing I guess till you actually want to replace them.

Me I'm just replacing the fixings because they look so untidy.

And oops wrong thread on well..

3 batteries down and only half way on one side. Incredibly strong rivets to hold plastic on

Gave up since the drill bits keep snapping and being blunt...
Maybe some of them were already blunt but it just takes forever with larger ones.

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Gave the gear knob a good polish up so I could finally see what condition it was in.
I'm actually quite liking this with the white sides it looks more retro and does not spoil the interior look.
Over all I'm pretty happy with the result.

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