Replace Standard Stereo with better OEM Stereo?

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New here so please be gentle. I'm hoping to replace my boggo no aux, no input, no bluetooth OEM Nissan stereo in my 2006 1.2 spirita with one of the later units that had bluetooth, for the stereo, not for the phone connectivity (though that would be snazzy but needs mics etc), but I want it for music playback. I if could pop a mic in there somewhere though that would be great. If anyone knows?

Looking around I can see I can pick up things like the below with the dash complete. Currently I have a cubby hole and the original stereo.


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The radio itself is usually a standard size, and just slides in to a holder, it gets more complicated when they have integrated satnavs and all other features because they're often linked into the cars other systems which makes it more trouble than it's worth to replace. Satnavs drive me crazy, I don't know what was wrong with the external ones you wired yourself but car manufacturers love selling people on some big screen in the car to check tyre pressures and control radio from steering wheel and such

You could use one of the other slots for an aftermarket radio, and still leave the one you have now attached?

There's also the option to bodge it with adapters, this one is probably the cleverest thing I ever saw

It converts cassette deck to AUX, with another adapter you can also convert aux to usb or bluetooth
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There is also this which I found just now

Goes into the cigarette lighter, you tune the car's radio to an empty station, you set this to the same empty station, and then plug a USB drive or connect to it via bluetooth, and it transmits the USB/bluetooth sound on that empty radio station which is picked up by your car's radio antenna, and then plays it through the speakers

The future is a mess
it gets more complicated when they have integrated satnavs and all other features because they're often linked into the cars other systems which makes it more trouble than it's worth to replace.
It's really not more complicated.
The satnav has a separate antenna, that's all it needs.
Steering controls just work if you already have them, and simple to add if not.
You can buy the mic to use if you want bluetooth phoning, or just the adapter cable if you have it already.
Ext USB needs a cable, can be soldered or find a connector off an old micra/juke/qashqai/note etc that had a connect stereo.

Far simpler than you'd expect, and a real improvement over the basic ones.

[A] Start by gripping the black rubber door trim and pulling it directly away from the door frame. It should come off very easily. Pull enough off so that both ends of the front pillar plastic are exposed. Do this for both sides of the car.

Remove the pillar trim pieces from both sides of the car. They pop off very easily, just get your finger tips behind the top section and pull.

[C] If anybody knows what this odd cloth covered wire that bolts to the inside of the pillar is, please let me know

[D] You now need to start lifting the edge of the dashboard. The whole section is only held on by six plastic clips and is very easy to release, I use my fingertips but you could use a wide flat blade screwdriver.

[E] You can now lift the entire dashboard cover out of the car and put it somewhere out of the way. In this photo you can see the first of the three 10mm bolts you will remove in the next stage.

[F] You now need a 10mm socket and extension bar to remove these three bolts. Be very careful because if you drop a bolt, it'll disappear into the recesses of the car. Remove the metal bracket and put it somewhere safe.

[G] This trim piece above the radio is held on by two fairly strong clips. The clips undo by pulling the piece horizontally towards you, you may need to put something between it and the dash cover to help lever it off.

[H] Undo the two screws you've revealed and store them somewhere safe.

Underneath the bottom of radio surround are two more Philips screws. Remove them and put them somewhere safe.

[J] The radio and the surround can now be pulled out a few inches. Tilt it forwards and disconnect the aerial and harness connectors. The radio assembly can now be removed from the dash.

[K] The air vents are held on by two plastic clips. Use a flat blade screwdriver to carefully release the clips and remove the vents.

[L] The radio is secured in the cage by four screws on either side. The surround is held on to the cage by four screws, two at the top and two at the bottom.

[M] If you ever disconnect the battery, your radio will ask you for the four digit security code. If you've lost the code, there are calculators on the internet that use the serial number to generate the code. The serial number is the number starting with BP (the radios are made by Blaupunkt) on the label stuck to the back of the radio

The indicator getsin the way, I found it easier to remove the lefthand air vent to give enough movement to get it out.

Ours only had the one 10mm bolt and the bracket part was part of the frame, slightly more or a wiggle to get it out.