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Hi Sorry to say I don't have access to the car at the moment, as it is in storage. I did though copy the design after seeing a You tube vid by Jamie Kitson:

Also his pattern and photo's are on:

The sumpgaurd only covers the sump and nearside area but fits a treat, it maybe best though to make one that also protects the gearbox.

The tank guard, I just bought a petrol tank and cut it below halfway (very thick plastic about 8mm thick) and then extended the straps with a bit of mild steel and strapped the cover over the original tank with a bit of foam filler, this was suggested to me by Matt Eaton and again works a treat.



Even though a bit belated I thought I would upload some pics of the Carfax rally:
The 2014 Carfax Stages 20.jpg

The 2014 Carfax Stages 17a.jpg
The 2014 Carfax Stages 18.jpg
The 2014 Carfax Stages 14.jpg
The 2014 Carfax Stages 11.jpg
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Thanks :)

Ironic, the pics on flikr are for a mongol-rally prep; same as me! Need to find someone who can make me a sump guard, I don't have access to a mig welder anymore...
Not been on my blog for a while so thought I would update:


Decided that for this year I would enter for the Senior Tarmac F1000 championship. Spent last Sunday having a fantastic day at the F1000 Open day where my son and myself got to put the car through its paces around the track for FREE!! Yes good on the F1000 club for laying this on.
Open Day.jpg

First event of the year is Roskirk, I am number 35 and having to get up very early Sunday the 1st March to get from Bromsgrove (Worcestershire) up to Aston-in-Makerfield (Wigan) for around 7.45am.


  • Pro Aluminium Instant Gazebo to add a bit of rain cover (Bargin brand new on Ebay with all sides and 40mm legs £150) worth £450
  • Small battery as highlighted in a previous blog: - https://www.micra.org.uk/threads/lightweight-12v-racing-battery-done-dirt-cheap.55951/ - Works a treat.
  • Refitted the heater I removed when I first built the car (Couldn't see out the windows on last years Carfax rally).
  • 5 x Yokohama Tyres as required by F1000 regulations.


  • MSA driver & co-driver licences £100
  • Quinton Motor Club Membership (Father & Son) £30.
  • F1000 membership £50
  • Roskirk £165
  • Gazebo & Weights £163.76
  • Tryes & changing charge £382.60
  • Battery £41.76
  • Fuel £40
Total of £913.12 (Before completing first rally of the year!)

The F1000 Championship requires me to finish at least 6 events, so an expensive year ahead especially since Roskirk is the cheapest! So with this in mind I have decided that after this year I will hang up my helmet and pack it in, so beware I might go a bit mad on the tracks, but hopefully not go out with a bang!!

Just knocked up a couple of door cards. The car was built for my son "Jack" so design seemed appropriate. Bought some 0.5mm Aluminium £15, Etch Primer £6.89, 3 coloured spray cans £6.59 approx and £5.95 for plastic screw rivets . Marked out flag to exact dimensions, bit of masking tape then sprayed lacquered.

Weight 713 grams each (think the paint was heavier than the Aluminium!) compared to 2199 grams of the original panel, saving 2972 grams overall.

Door Card 3.jpg
Door Card 2.jpg
Door Card 1.jpg
2015-04-26 10.44.50.jpg
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Decided to instal a set clocks with a Rev counter I bought off Ebay for £45.50 inc postage. Followed the forum on how to wire them up. Followed the Blue/Black wire from the back of the rev counter plug down to the white connector plug behind the ECU, where the male side was empty. Placed a wire into the empty side then removed the transparent cover off the front of the ECU and on the left side found a gap between two red wire's and placed the other end of the wire in, and hey presto it worked. The only problem is,
2015-05-03 17.29.50.jpg
I getting too old to try and get inbetween the roll cage door bar, fire extinguisher and dash. I am aching all over.
A bit belated but pictures of car prepared ready to compete in Keith Frecker Memorial Rally Stage at Weeton. Early start getting up at 3am to get up to Preston area.


  • 2015-06-06 20.34.51.jpg
    2015-06-06 20.34.51.jpg
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First round of the rally I wacked the kerb at full pelt. At first thought I just bend the steel wheels. Carried on then only to have the rad burst causing the engine to overheat, so dropped out When got back I then realised the axle beam was bent after the wack aswell as bending me Nodspeed Panhard Rod. Bought 2nd hand axle £50 and new Rad £19 spent a day angle grinding the old axle away from its 19 year old body, as well as cutting off all the control arms, panhard rod and anti roll bar the scrap yard left me to do. Lower Control Arms unfortunately had bushes seized inside and with no local supplier able to sell replacement bushes and Nissan wanted £400 a pair for complete Control Arms I found some on Ebay for £60 and £10 express delivery + £12 for new bolts. Car now ready for Caerwent rally this weekend.


  • 2015-06-09 20.33.06.jpg
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Must have been a good wack!
My first rally I bent the axle more centrally and panhard, just jacked the car up on it and off we went!

Glad to see the cars still running
Haven't blogged for a while so just a few posts to catch up:

Competed in Caerwent Rally on the 5th July, got down there the night before and got scruiteneering out the way then set up tent went out for a couple of pints and a meal ready for an early start.

Had the best time ever on this rally, very long tight course with bad kerbs. The sun was out and a good day was had, unfortunately the race ended one stage short due to a car coming off on the most dangerous section (quarry).
Last rally Glyn Memorial Stages - Anglesey.

Great first day but being on a tight budget and last rally didn't invest in spotlights for last two stages of first day. Big mistake as all the ground I gained I lost. I used 100w Ring H4 lamps but useless, lights seemed worse than before so struggled to get round. Following day car was pushed to the limit and even though producing ok times could not regain lost time. Still had fun though and a brilliant track and facilities (have a proper cafe and bar).

At the end or the year finished 2nd Driver in Senior f1000 and son Jack finished 1st Senior Co Driver.
The advice from the members has been so helpful in the building of this wonderful car, which we have nicknamed the "Tank" since it has put up with everything we have thrown at it. Before I first bought the car I would not have given a "Micra" a second look, but now I have a great fondness for them. This is the end of the "Rally Car Prep Blog" but if anyone wishes to take on our little "Tank it is now up for sale on ebay:


Sharman (Peter)
Tis has been a nice blog, don't think I'll be selling mine anytime soon!

I know what you mean about them being tanks, can keep on thrashing them and never have a problem :)
Glad you enjoyed it, what's your plans now?
Hi mate so sorry to hear you selling car
As I have just had new engine in my 1 litre car was at caerwent with you and we won that round as a taster so will be doing the full championship next year
Don't sell it come and have more fun next year