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  • Hi K6pfs. I'm interested in the CG3 engine if it's still available.
    What parts are with the engine: coil packs, engine loom, alternator etc?
    What sort of condition is it in?
    Where in Norfolk are you?
    So many questions!
    I also rally, albeit tarmac single venue stuff, but our CG13 has finally cried enough so why not upgrade?
    Best Regards
    Hi, Was wondering if you could tell me how much of a difference a power boost valve would be for a 1.3 pre facelift?
    howdy.. the suspension is off the car dude and apart from a bit of flakey paint and dust boots that look like they could do with renewing they work perfectly and are ready when you are dude.......
    HiI Matt,

    Hope you are well,

    That body kit I purchased off Nex from here, when I got it to the body shop and we took a good look at it we found that it would cost £1000's to get it looking right due to it being cut off the last car with an angle grinder.
    I think I was lucky to sell it, the guy who bought it from me rallied a micra did you buy everything from him?
    Hi Pete

    It seems I ve pick up the wide track body kit you sold on ebay last year.
    Would you be interested in buying it back 250.00 delivered??

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