Price of Welding

Hi All, Having had my 1998 k11 since October 2018 and have done lots of basic services to it. I have discided to spend lot of money £750 on welding 2x reinforced sills & 1x cross member ( the reinforce sills are made by the service garage as they race k11's in rally cross) to get my car though the MOT. My Question to you is would it be worth it or should I buy another car even if I have lots of spare parts for this one and had I new clutch fitted?
As I have found that I lot of people think I'm crazy to fork out that much money just to repair my k11 .
Yours Peter 0003
Nobody can answer that, it's purely down to how attached to the car you are.

My views are that once welding starts to be needed then it's only going to get worse and the car's days are numbered