Pics of the new car

Here ya go, pics of my golf mark 4, lowered on coilovers, but not set too low for the moment. Getting the track widened this weekend, and throwing about a grands worth of qaulity I.C.E in there shortly, and re-mapping it.

Must say a very very big difference from my micra.


Quite a tidy looking car! although im not so keen on the half black, half leather dashboard.

How much was it?


Micra K11ng
Looking nice mate - what became of your k11? Know the feeling that its much better than the Micra, but i still miss mine at times!


cheers guys, yeh i got myself a real bargain there, its a 99 T Reg and with only 50,000 miles on the clock, all the service history you could ask for, leather seats that look like they've never been sat on, paintwork that looks like the car just came off the production line only yesterday, and all for £5,300.

The blue k11 is still about, JUST. engine is fine on it, that would probs still go on for eternity but its the other components of the car that have decided enoughs enough and have given up, CV joints, bearings, heat shield, cat converter, air con are all pretty much dead. Rattles galore, no single body panel without a major dent in it (mostly caused by other people).

so with all that, i just didnt see the point. plus didnt like the image of the micra anymore. im not a memeber on here but i got some rims and springs to sell. ill post on ebay and let you know.

p.s why has my other account been blocked, happened on several occasions.