Few new pics of the golf...

micra man

Golf GTi Turbo
For those of you who remember me, and everyone else lol here's some pics of my car after a nice sunny afternoons worth of cleaning. :) Washed with car shampoo, megs 3 stage, wheels cleaned and waxed and back to black on tyre walls. With freshly reconditioned A8 wheels also. Let me know what you think.

Coming soon, coilovers and anni kit!!! :D

Sorry for the amount of pictures, just too many good ones to choose from. :p


good to see ur doing well dan im joining the euro crew this week too :p

i think u needed at least 3 more coats of polish


nice Volkswagen Golf 4 :D
i drive the 5er R32 aus work car :D nice car but the japaneese cars are better than the german :D We german don't drive our own cars :D
nice micra man, i got the same golf, but in black and a few other different bits, but same car really. I got mine on coilovers yesterday. well worth the money.

also gonna get it re-mapped by REVO soon, pushing it up to 225bhp.

ill let you know how that goes. oh and ill try and get some pics up of mine with the coilovers on if your interested micra man??