Pao carburetor options

I have an 89 Pao. It ran fine then didn't.

Continues to turn over, sparks fine, fuel pump pumps gas but doesn't appear to get adequate fuel to start it. Took apart and cleaned the carburetor.

Anyone aware of bolt on carburetor options? We can't find any used carburetors for a Pao.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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weber 28 36 ?
have you tried a drop of fuel down the inlet ? and checked the cambelt ?
weber 28 36 ?
have you tried a drop of fuel down the inlet ? and checked the cambelt ?
Hi Frank:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
Checked the carburetor float level, we see it fill as it should with fuel when cranking.
We've poured fuel down the carb as well.
Pulled all plugs and checked spark of each, all fine.
We changed the cam belt after the problem started as a just in case.
Today checked all the fuses.
Took out and checked the control module - no corrosion or any apparent issues.
Car continues to turn over fine. On occasion almost sound like it will kick in.

Tomorrow I'll check the points and test the primary and secondary winding resistance of the Ignition Coil
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Mystery solved and the Pao is back on the road. After thinking a bit I realized that while each plug gave spark, they weren't big sparks - maybe 1/4 inch.
I checked the ignition coil and found the ohms wavering - unsteady signal.
Ordered and installed a new ignition coil and it started right up.
Over all the car runs much better than before because along the way we cleaned and rebuilt the carburetor - much more pep and vigor.