Paint/Bodywork Garage

Hi people, I have had my car for a good few months now, and when i bought it there were various dents/scrapes on the car, and now I have managed to add to that, and I have had enough of it looking like it.
So I have decided I'd like a professional spray/bodywork shop to sort it out for me, I'm guessing its going to cost, but I know this car is going to last me. So can anyone recommend a few decent places I could take it to, to get some quotes in the Kent area?! Thanks.:)


Maidstone?! Wow, small world, I'm currently on the isle of sheppey! I drove through Maidstone earlier today!

As for dents, I wish i knew, I have a dent on my Almera that some inconsiderate person put there and drove off without telling me!

Anyway, welcome to the club :) ignore my drunken ramblings :blush:

micra man

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Igloo, speak to Kev. Barwell bodyworks are around the midlands I think and are very good at what they do, the prices aint too bad either.