New company Southwest Motorsport

I attended Boconnoc rally stages yesterday to watch my mechanic come 6th overall out of 50.

There was a stand called Southwest motorsport a new company located in ivybridge Devon specialising in rally cars and most things motorsport related.

One thing caught my eye is they sell alot of vauxhall corsa/nova suspension stuff and have a 2nd hand set of avo coilovers going for about £200 aswell as alot of other 2nd hand parts

Also they make polycarb window kits and door cards at very reasonable prices...they said they can do a micra kit for windows around £180

Front door cards can be around £40 each in any colour and with a choice of emblem in the centres.

also they will do a good discount if I had 2-3-4-5-6-7 people wanting a job lot done ;)
They dont have a website or facebook yet but seem to know their stuff as the owner was out on the stages on his daihatsu cirion rally 2