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Need some advice / inspiration


Just joined as I've inherited a 1998 1.0 16v auto that needs some attention.

Engine and transmission are fine (if not desperate for a bit more power) so no issue there.

It's very bouncy and is like driving a boat. I'm not allowed to lower it (wife whipped) but I can stiffen it up.

Will be putting some ats classics on but will a 5.5j fit under standard arches? Are there any brake upgrades available that fit under a 13"?

Wouldn't mind a new exhaust system but nothing that's going to wake the neighbours. It's little family car so needs to be 'friendly'.

Considering some external cosmetic adjustments (subtle).

Can't figure out how to remove the tape player as the screen has died so I can't see for putting the code in.

I wouldn't mind some (helpful) power upgrades. A bit more acceleration but not too impacting on mpg..

Last car was a g40 and I was spoilt for choice with parts but I'm coming up short with this one..

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!
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Get a set of dampers, if you look about on eBay get a full set for under £100
Brake wise possible 1.4 se+ for vented ,.other a good set of pads and discs (don't think.almera.Will fit)
1.3 mid pipe.with a resonator and a 3.5inch back box, wasn't loud really but been a auto may not be the best?
The stereo,look just under the heat control,.there's two screws, then pull the ash tray out another two, then pull the panel off (that's for a.98 facelift) and just 4 screws holding the stereo in place , keep the mounts on the stereo to put on.the new one
For looks, front fog lights , can paint the chrome trim, in the headlights ,spoilers ,deflectors, all depends on how you want it really
Nissan also did some wider wheel arch things (dont know the english name). If you cant lower the car you can still lower the wheel arches that way. Here is a picture of my old (lowered with springs) one with them. They lower the wheel arch by around 2 Centimeter


Also check if you have a ARB and if not fit one. You can also fit 1.3 cams to give it a bit more performance. Add a front upper and lower strutbrace. Lots of small things than can improve it a bit. Its al about how extreme you want to go. Id still say lower it with springs. Thats one of the best upgrades i did. Nothing extreme just some 35-40mm lowering springs. No hardcore teeth rattling cheap coilover set.
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