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my new car

any ideas on what i should do to it ?
by the way im from canada if you couldnt tell.





Welcome to the club!

I'd first of all tidy her up, get the dents removed and colour code the bumpers, mirrors and handles and give her a good old cut and polish. Remove the bump strips down the side of the car

Check out other members cars to get some ideas, or be original and do something new!
sounds like some good plans. should i take it in for getting the dents removed or just look up how to do it? ... and with removing the strips on the side. do i just pop them off?...

haha i also flip the filter case cap when i have it sitting for some nice sounds


If you feel confident you can do a good job, and know what your doing, you can do it yourself. If your getting the dents and stuff fixed up professionally, they could remove the side strips at the same time.
hahaha thanks everyone.
ill get some stuff done and ill post more pics asap.
my car is at my shop at the moment.


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know i know what the blank warning light is for on the UK models!!! seatbelt!!! hehe. As people have said, clean it up first, get rid of rust if any,

also.. that 3rd brake light in the middle, is that how they come stock over there? that looks pretty good.
yep that would be all 100% stock ... not one thing has really been done to it other than i has a new timing belt. plugs and wires... it definatly would be due for an oil change and a tune up but i want to run it for a bit to get any kinks out