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My long promised blog

Ive been promising a blog for a while about my ga16ds micra. Its taken until now to do it
I'm never that good at taking pictures so ive missed alot on its modding timeline. I've got a few from around 6 years ago up until now which i can share with you
This is my own personal micra which i build in my time. Not business time.. Where the sr20det micra, ga16de turbo micra and the impreza powered micra live. They are all still owned by me though. Though i might pop a blog up for the impreza one... Maybe
Now i can finally load a few photos i'll being you right up to date... Sort of. When ive done and finished my bike carbs and the turbo build i'll stick them pics up etc. But for now i'll stick photos up of where my micra went first :D i'll admit right off the bat i'm sticker obsessed this is between 6/7 years ago
DSC00936.JPG DSC01197.jpg DSC01198.jpg DSC01199.jpg DSC01203.jpg DSC01204.jpg DSC01205.jpg DSC01206.jpg DSC01207.jpg DSC01208.jpg DSC01209.jpg DSC01210.jpg DSC01211.jpg DSC01212.jpg DSC01214.jpg DSC01215.jpg DSC01218.jpg DSC01219.jpg DSC01220.jpg DSC01221.jpg DSC01224.jpg DSC01234.jpg DSC01298.jpg
DSC01303.jpg DSC01304.jpg DSC01305.jpg DSC01306.jpg DSC01318.jpg DSC01319.jpg DSC01320.jpg DSC01321.jpg DSC01302.jpg
Then the stickers I was bought got plopped on
I was impressed the tribal things on the stripes matched fairly well with the seat covers. This was my ebay/lidl build :D
Between this point and just before the engine change it had some engine work done. Went from simple timing advances and air filters to more advanced stuff like reground cams and lightened flywheels. It was a nippy little 1 litre and at times i wish it still was that way.
It sat for a longgg time as ive had many a car in between. After they'd been and gone my micra was still sat there in the garage and struck up first time after a battery charge. This swiftly prompted me to give this little undying K10 some much needed love so engine swap and rally car build began. This all began as early as 15 months ago. Soo i suppose I best start writing it up for others to enjoy too :)


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Cool, I done same thing to mine, blew up after a week :D

Now putting it all on a cg13de and slotting in the k10

Look foward to seeing how you do things :)
Ah i'm doing this to the ga16 lump :D the little 1 litre lump is now parts for my other k10 :) i just saw your blog... its looking like its coming on well
Yup it'll be good to exchange notes as we go. Ive done bike throttle bodies on the works ga16de micra but we know throttle bodies are different to carbs.
Have you come across a boost referenced fuel regulator?? It'll be a good help for your build


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Yeah, it's tucked away in the corner on top if the swirl pot


The important thing is the pitot tube on the plenum u will have to construct. It affects the jetting so it's a bit hit and miss till you get it right
I've had plenty of practice with those pitot tubes.. thing i was wondering was my plenum shape and having gone through yours that seems the better way around it with the round tube etc. Resprayed green inside?? I'll stick a few more pictures up of mine. I wish i had the room you have That ga engine appears to take a fair bit up
More recent pictures (Last april)
Engine In with new rad pipes to accept original radiator my chunky backbox, quieter than the rad fan at idle :D hanbrake put on a new ally bracket to allow for the gear linkage which was moved 5 inch back from original place
DSC01388.JPG DSC01389.JPG DSC01391.JPG DSC01311.JPG DSC01310.JPG DSC01309.JPG DSC01312.JPG

Oil Catch Tank with braided pipes
DSC01377.JPG DSC01392.JPG

DSC01387.JPG DSC01404.JPG DSC01406.JPG

Bonnet Fan and Catches
DSC01375.JPG DSC01376.JPG DSC01378.JPG DSC01379.JPG DSC01380.JPG DSC01383.JPG DSC01384.JPG DSC01385.JPG DSC01386.JPG

New Dashboard Build with mini fuseboard for my map light and interior floor lights. All car controls now on dash with on dash fusebox for easier fuse changes on the go (it is a rally car after all)
DSC01394.JPG DSC01401.JPG DSC01402.JPG DSC01403.JPG DSC01355.JPG DSC01356.JPG

Steering wheel panel (now scrapped but valuable lessons learnt for my next one)
DSC01396.JPG DSC01397.JPG
Nope its full on carb. Its the GA16DS engine. Hence it was sooo simple to get running. and the possibilities are endless (or so i tell myself) my stumbling block at the mo is the timing change i need when on boost. I'm sticking at 8psi as a max.. not much but it'll spool quick and its plenty for the job i need it for


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Im with you there, I ran standard timing on mine till it popped, but thinking of using mega jolt
There is a way of modifying your distributor to retard the timing on boost, people say look at what people do with turbo minis, but I haven't looked into that yet
hmm could be an interesting find/read there... i'll have a look now and get some ideas :)

project nissanubaru micra wrx pictures... totally top secret that's a JAE 2013/4 exclusive only :D i expect to see everyone there for it
Not much changed from those last bundle of picture to these which was only 3 months ago so a year later it was pretty much in the same state its only these past couple of weeks that it finally saw some effort on my part. The 3/4 other micras we have work wise. Not to mention the non micra cars. So i'm all car'ed out at the end of the week

So heres how it sat (after I moved house again hopefully not moving again for a long time now)
2012-12-12 13.55.03.jpg 2012-12-12 13.55.11.jpg 2012-12-12 13.55.46.jpg 2012-12-12 13.56.25.jpg 2012-12-12 13.56.33.jpg 2013-02-06 08.13.54.jpg

I even treated it to an oil change after doing about 2 miles and a few more stickers
2013-01-01 15.13.34.jpg 2013-01-01 13.58.15.jpg

It runs on polo 6n / seat ibiza shocks and springs

2013-01-01 15.13.23.jpg
This brings me neatly to the end of last week and you all up to date ish
New sticker again
2013-04-01 10.25.35.jpg 2013-04-01 10.25.42.jpg

I had a new sump put on that is now a shiny silver one (I say new its recycled)
20130426_204758.jpg 20130426_204809.jpg 20130426_204833.jpg

Then I decided my wheels needed a refresh (the faded effect was an accident but worked out quite well), the green wheel i'm not sure on but the white ones go really well :d
20130502_191223.jpg 20130502_191232.jpg 20130502_194130.jpg 20130502_194137.jpg 20130502_194145.jpg

Then my rocker cover got a refresh too

Test fitted my intercooler and stuck on my bigger spotlights
20130506_112547.jpg 20130506_112448.jpg 20130506_201324.jpg

So this is how it looks now overall it has changed slightly again this week stickers removed and replaced. Extinguisher moved and secondary hand held put in but i'll get more pictures and updated
And here's my little man doing up the gearbox bung after fresh gearbox oil (he helps himself also known as getting in the way)
20130427_180419.jpg 20130427_180436.jpg
And a balloon replica of my car that was a surprise for me at my wedding last month as my actual car couldn't make it :(
20130424_201552.jpg 20130424_201634.jpg
The bigger stickers have gone as i agree it makes it look tacky as you say

Wheels are pretty disposable with it being a rally car i cant get attached. Do you need some nice show wheels though :D really want compomotive mo5's but whatever i get cant be less than 15's because of the size of the brakes :confused:
The 1.6 accelerates ok but needs big brakes to stop it, its a heavy lump of an engine. So I cant go lower than 15s :(
Totally agree though the 13s would help acceleration a fair bit

Handling wise though I'm safe a 225 tire and a 70mm wider track over standard. But I haven't added that bit with pictures :D will do when its all done


Has gone over to the oily side...
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What catch tank is that? I need to fit one to my car, there's a lot of oil in the pressurised pipe from the turbo from blow-by vapour.
Its a cheapy ebay aluminium one. Except I bought braided hose for it. No need as its not under pressure but it looks better and will last longer under heat stress
The tank itself though is well made so I'd recommend it
Ebay item number:
So today I made it my mission to look into the aldon amethyst mappable ignition. Turns out a friend of mine has one installed. Amazing what you find when you ask.
He has a custom turbo set up such as what I'm planning. Apparently it works a treat. Its not by far perfect but he said he doesn't want perfect.

So that's sold it to me I'm gonna grab one. In the meantime my interior is finished except for the roll cage.
Coilovers are here next Wednesday too so they'll be going on
Which leaves the bike carbs then my turbo build.

Cant hurt to get the mappable ignition stuck on now can it ;)
So I got it stripped to the bones

It had an inbuilt coil behind the trigger wheel.
No advance weights or vacuum ports.
Only the sensor with a 6 pin connection
I wonder if the aldon amethyst thing would work in some way with this sensor? Or any type of standalone ignition ecu?
Electronic dizzy put back together. Forgot to take a picture of it on reassembly.
Went to put it back into the dumping cupboard and had a rummage about and found this lot
Imagine the excitement when I spotted this:
Turns out it was a set of these
1369228934195.jpg 1369228940948.jpg
Still not bad. They've honda on them but that's all ive gathered. Will compare them to my 1000f carbs I bought later on.
The inlet is off an early ga16de I know this because I stripped one today :D
And last but by no means least.. a turbo :D
1369228916869.jpg 1369228926257.jpg
Believe its a T25 on first glance with the flange on the compressor side

I like this cupboard now... I'm going to be turfing through it finding what else is in here.
But I can't say that I dont know what's in here because I put it there but I havent been in here for a long while now
So I got this ga16de stripped down to nuts and bolts today
And all seems to be in good condition
Bare block
1369244211821.jpg 1369244220034.jpg
1369244249503.jpg 1369244258225.jpg 1369244264632.jpg
Finally the cylinder head 1369244232608.jpg 1369244239832.jpg

After looking round it all and checking it all out it would appear that this engine was very well maintained. I'm impressed. Extremely clean all round on the inside at least
The outside looks sorry for itself.. for now
Let the rebuild begin :)
So I cleaned my block today and gave it a first coat of paint
1369688088684.jpg 1369688116259.jpg

Looks ok :) l
Cylinder head on hold until my new spring compressor arrives and ive had some titanium valves made too :) all other niggly bits have arrived and waiting. Stem seals and cam followers etc. Slow and steady build
I'm going to skim the original. Want to keep some drive ability for now and of course down to cost. Love an ally one though at some point

Getting the crank done too