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My Avensis


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Hiya all

Having since been without a car for months after having to strip and scrap my beloved Super S Gordie the Green Machine, I finally managed to get myself back on the road with the following cheapie:

A 1998 2.0 Toyota Avensis GLS - see a few pics below.

Got a few small plans for it subject to finances. First things will be to sort out the little niggles. I have a few minor electrical issues, like sun roof will only tilt open and not slide back, my left idicator doesn't always work, it needs a replacement key fob for unlocking etc and the left electric mirror need replacing as it has to be positioned by hand at the mo.

Thinking a few small things like lowering, strut brace, alloys etc. Found a nice full suspension kit but its a little out of my budget at the moment lol. Needs a little tidying body wise, there a couple of little dings and a badly touched up key scratch, found a nice subtle body kit that might get the front bumper of and defo gonna get a rear spoiler to I can actually see where the car ends lol. Well enjoy.