Mint 92 LS Micra For Sale


Rare parts nerd #JDM
I am selling this on behalf of my friend. The car has only done 38,000 miles and it is spotless underneath and outside. No lacquer peel or fading. Would make a perfect project or run about. Car has plenty of service history as well. Great example of a k10.

Car is a one litre manuel post facelift. Asking around £800 but will accept sensible offers. Contact her via phone or message on here for her details so you can contact her about the car.
Number is:07538357703





Brutal Honesty
Post facelift is a bit of a tautology. Facelift will do.

£800 imo is way high. Rare. Good condition. Etc.. to 99% of people it's an aging Micra.

Either way, glws

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