FOR SALE: 1989 F-Reg Nissan Micra LS (K10 - Late Mark1)


Location: Bristol
Spec: Metallic Blue, 3 Door Hatchback, Petrol, Manual (4 gears), 988cc, Factory-fitted sunroof, Current Mileage: 45392 miles

Just had an MOT (expires: 15th July 2014) and has had two new front tyres and brake pads fitted. In the past couple of years it's had a new exhaust, and the water pump and cam-belt were replaced last December. The bodywork is in good condition with just few marks as would be expected for a car of this age.

It’s super to drive and I would love to keep this car, but I need a larger car with a bigger boot area to carry my hockey goalkeeping kit bag. It's with a heavy heart that I have decided to sell this car which has been in our family since new. The original bill of sale shows that it was bought new from Toneway Motor Ltd, Taunton for £5430 by my Grandfather. He passed it on to me 2 years ago when motoring became too much for him, so I have full knowledge of its history. It has never been involved in any accidents and has never been welded.

My Grandfather kept all original documentation including the bill of sale from 1989, and the cars operation manual, which may have seen better days with some dog-eared corners and writing inside. However, the car has no rust mostly due to the fact it was kept in a garage for most of its life. The cars 1989 original interior is in excellent condition with no modifications and includes the original Factory fit AM Radio, that still works, and the original Nissan rubber mats.

Under my ownership the car has run faultlessly, and has been maintained regardless of cost. However, a new head gasket is required and I am selling without this repair as I really need a larger car now. It would be such a shame to accept just £100 for its scrap value as it is in amazing condition and is still a runner. A Micra enthusiast would be able to sort this out without too much trouble and continue to enjoy this very original car. It has been well looked after all these years, and will give pleasure for many more years to come, especially as this car can be maintained at home with basic tools (no electronic management systems!).

This car is a pretty good example of a Nissan Micra K10 with low mileage and has survived remarkably well for its age. I have attempted to show the good condition of this car in the photos and hope they do the car justice.

Questions and viewings welcome.

£300 ONO

Photo's can be viewed HERE

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Goodness me that is a CLEAN K10. This has to stay in the club. At that price I'd buy it now if I had the room.

I'd buy it, right now, if I had a Job...and it was a teensy bit closer :p
although...I'm still gonna show my dad the pictures...y'never know? :rolleyes:

Good luck with the sale @Special K, I really hope she goes to a good with Karls astra, for example :p
Vauxhall Astra LS
1.6 16v
132k miles but will go up as its my daily
Tax till December (not ideal I know)
Mot till July next year (only a week old)

Unfortunately it doesn't have any service history but I did do a small service once I got it.

The bonnet looks like someone has tried to polish it with a Brillo pad and my dad stupidly put fake carbon fibre wing mirrors on it.

Ascetically it's nothing special but it is mechanically sound which is all that matters for me.
Special K
Hi Karl, thanks for the details.
Unfortunately I'm looking to get a car which has less miles than your Astra and which will be reliable as I live quite far from work. Kay

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That's fair enough it's your car.

I know this will sound harsh but it's not meant to.

I'm willing to swap my mechanically sound car which I do 300+ miles a week in for a car that needs its head gasket doing. Could you at least consider my offer?


Glorified Electrician
Bear in mind I've just paid £300 for a 14 year old almera with no tax or MOT in the search for low mileage... and mileage is irelevant really, especially when you get tits like me that spend far too much time at (and into) the red end of the rev range...
Also, if you go with a dealership for new car you'll pay dealers fees, and if you go private you're potentially dealing with someone waiting to sell you a pup. Karl is too honest if anything :p

But that's my 2 peneth worth, buy with your head not your heart is what I'm saying, you might end up disapointed but at least you won't end up broke!