Micra 1.0 Wave tyre query?

Hi guys can anyone please help with this question? I got my daughter a Micra 1.0 Wave which has alloy wheels fitted. I think these are aftermarket ones as there is no tyre pressure advise in the handbook for the tyre size. The actual tyre size is 185/60R13, would anyone have the recommended tyre pressures or any advice on how to find out? Thanks in advance Stew.
Hia mate,

I think the wave is a K11 micra? this is a section for K10 (the aincient super square micra)..I may be wrong though

I'm afraid I dont have the answer but I had the same problem when I moved from standard 155 tyres over to an aftermarket 195x45 tyre...nobody could help me at the time either...

in the end I used some trial and error while the tyre was brand knew by checking the wear on teh thin rubber spikes that you get on a new tyre...these soon became brailbumps on the tyre...by regular inspection of these I could see when the bumps on the outside of the contact patch were wearing-out at teh same rate as the bumps in the centre of the contact patch...

for me stock was 27 psi but on my 195x45 I needed 31.5 psi for even wear.

so for me I needed more pressure but I guess this is totally dependant on the design of the tyre too (internal structure etc

one thing I didnt try was contacting the tyre manyfacturer to see if there was a tech support...may be they could have advised a pressure for a particular car mass?