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Looking at buying my first micra

Hey, new member alert.

As stated, i'm looking at buying my first Micra! I've loved the K11 for years and now as i need a more economical car i thought why not look into buying one!

Currently driving a 2007 Honda Civic Type R. I'm sure the Micra will feel a lot different but i'm prepared to make that sacrifice!

I am looking to spend £750 max with my wish list only being; 3 door (ideally 1.3 but 1.0 would be accepted)
I want it as a daily drivable project so i can work on it myself. so, if anyone has one for sale let me know!
Also, is there anything i should be looking out for when buying?

Cheers guys,
My advice is try and get as many optional extras included as possible... so alloy wheels, metallic paint, air conditioning etc. Of course look out for rust, particularly on the underside and the sills, and mileage isn’t usually an issue with a well-maintained example but remain cautious. Personally I wouldn’t get one that’s over 60,000 but that’s just a preference. Also ensure that it’s got a full service history, as per any automotive purchase. Can’t think of anything else to add... ask if you have any particular questions though and I’m sure somebody within the forum can answer it!

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Keep a good n she out on market place facebook,
Sr,si, super s, are rare models my now ,
Unless it's got a mot or proven clean they are worth like £200 too really,check it's not history on the dvla ,
Would say look for a inspiration or gx be the best bet for a 1.3 cause normally those were well. Spec,
Depends on what you wanna do with it , no point getting a mint low mile one of you going to rip it to streds , and with any/all sort the body before mods ( don t unerseal them)
I just bought my fourth K11 and this time I did it properly. It took a few weeks but I found the right one.
Obviously look out for the ones you want in particular, for me it was a 2(3)-door, preferably with a sunroof and preferably a 2000-2001 second facelift (before the stalks changed to those horrible ones).
I looked on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Gumtree. Have a look for any damage, look for panels not lining up, look for parts that obviously weren't there before (like first facelift headlights on a second facelift), and most importantly look for RUST!
The weakness to the K11 is rust. Once it's got it, it's too late. Of course, all cars have rust in areas, but hopefully it's in a place that doesn't matter so much (for me the rear axle, and engine bay have some, but it's surface level crust).
Look at the arches, and most importantly, look at the sills.
With my first car, for 4 years, I spent money getting rust repairs on the sills for every MOT. In fact it took four attempts to get through last time (hence, new car).
Go on the government MOT history website and give it a good look. Ignore fails due to tyres or stuff that's obviously been replaced to pass. But if you see the word "corrosion" anywhere, it's game over, look at the next advert.
If it has good history, contact the seller and ask for photos of the sills and maybe suspension, engine bay, interior...
Also I don't know if it's just me but a seller that can barely write in English puts me off immediately.
When you do find a potential car, go and have a look at it. Take your time, give it a good look over.
Then if it's all good, welcome to the club!
I would expect a good condition car to go for £500-600. You could maybe even get an alright one for £400.
Good luck, let us know how it goes!