K12 Earth cable

Just looked under the bonnet of my wife's Micra following an oil change and noticed this earth cable with one end connected to the alternator bracket and the other end, circled in red, just hanging in mid-air. Can someone please tell me where it should be connected? Thanks.
one end should be attached to the engine, the other to the chassis.
Alternator bracket is the engine so the end hanging about needs to go to the chassis ^_^
I'll have to look at mine and my mums k12s tomorrow as it is dark, cold and drizzly right now ;)
Mine's rather different, being a diesel :p
But my mums 1.4 sve looks the same as yours and it seems that the earth wire is supposed to connect to the front slam panel bit.
There's a bolt between the washer bottle fill capand the headlamp unit ;)

Just trying to upload photos for you ^_^
Thanks for the info. I made a new tag and screwed the end of the cable to it. Seems to have worked.