K12 P1171 - Please advise?! Thank you in advance!

Hello All,

I recently purchased a K12 2003 1.2 ltr S, The car was bought on a total whim and had numerous issues... the engine sounds beautiful however some faults with sensors etc. please read below for explanation.

So I bought a diagnostic reader and various codes came up, all faults have now been removed. The following has been done;

Camshaft sensor
MAF sensor
crankshaft sensor
Oil change and new filter
new air filter
new inlet manifold seals and upper packing and airbox seal
Throttle body change

The code initially that wouldn't go was P1171

so checked all hoses for leaks etc, hence the replacement of the seals on inlet manifold. Then resorted to the throttle body replacement.

Ive noticed the engine management light is not working... It doesnt light up when ignition is on. I have removed the casing and checked the wiring and all seems good there - there is no bulb to replace for the location of the engine management light? that is issue number one? How can I get that checked/replaced please?

So now there are no fault codes on the diagnostic - I have tried to calibrate the throttle position sensor as advised on previous groups however no avail as the car is running jumpy on idle and loosing power - below 1000 revs and dies unless prompted with the accelerator. However the car now isnt limited - previously it was limited to 3000 revs I believe due to the throttle body.

Can anyone post a link for the calibration of the throttle body specifically for a k12 or is there something that I am missing ?

Im a complete novice and im really falling in love with my car as im working on her but im scratching my head now with the jumpy idle/stalling - low revs and no fault codes so not sure where else to look...

Thank you for anyone who takes the time to read and respond,

That fault code usually indicates a vacuum leak usually in the intake or manifold. I would recheck all the hoses once again just to be sure. I'm not sure about he EML light and I'm not sure if there should be a bulb or if an LED is used instead. I will see if I can find some schematics for the PCB for the instrument cluster.
With regard to your EML light. I have just found the info I need. It appears that different types of instrument clusters where fitted. Earlier models used bulbs in the back of the cluster whilst later models had an upgrade to the cluster that used small LEDs soldered to the PCB instead of bulbs. If you have the cluster out of the car then upload a picture and we can confirm which one you have. If you have it out then turn it over and you should see the green PCB. If yours uses bulbs then you will see black or very dark brown bulb holders (approx 6 holders). If there are none then you have LEDs soldered to the PCB. If you are sure that the EML isn't coming on and you have LEDs then you either need to get the LED desoldered and a new one resoldered on, if the LED is just faulty or its time for a new cluster. I'm not sure if the cluster in these cars needs to be programmed to the car either. I'm sure someone else on here can confirm that. Some other vehicles need clusters programmed to the car if swapped or a new one fitted - my jaguar certainly would do if it were required. I hope that helps.
Thank you for your response!
An update - the MIL light had something stuffed down there to block it being seen! So now that is fixed, they are LED tho for future reference.
The problem is a dodgy camshaft connector!
The car ran absolutely perfect after a wiggle with that - the little clip has snapped so will be getting a new one. With the MIL now present I recalibrated the throttle correctly. Filled her up with premium petrol and As soon as the car ran smooth booked in for an MOT and passed with flying colours.
Hope this helps someone.
Code P1171 relates to air/fuel ratio apparently the cam monitors the fuel 🤷‍♀️ Or along those lines causing my problems!
Great to hear you got it solved. I can't believe that someone blocked out the EML light. I thought that it's now an MoT failure if the EML light does not illuminate upon ignition and then extinguishes after you start the car unless you have a fault.

Good to hear that the fault code was being caused just by the camshaft sensor and nothing more. Thanks for the update, I'm sure it will help others out if they have this issue as well.