K12 boot not unlocking


The 2010 K12 boot won't open when I try the boot switch. I've tested the electric joints and cables, oiled the lock checked the fuses. All seam ok. The one thing I did find was the boot popped when I took out and refitted the 10a interior light fuse (2nd red fuse from right on the fuse bank under the dash). This is how I not open the boot but what could be causing the problem? Had the car from new so it's nothing from it's past as it's never had anything go wrong with it till now. Many thanks Ian
Have you tried reset by removing battery cable for 30 sec?
Remember to turn off your stereo manually from switch, before removing battery cable, in order to avoid locking your stereo.
Tried the battery disconnection. Didn't work.

Had another look at switch in boot lid. Disconnected the wiring and touched a bit of metal to the two pin connectors. This popped the boot so it was the switch after all even though i tested it with a multi-meter.
I had this managed to find a switch from Maplin or Ebay cant remember it fitted in side and cured it, if you have the time its worth adding a switch inside the car incase it fails again