boot lock keeps locking/unlocking sometimes along with malfunctioning radio volume wheel

My boot lock keeps locking/unlocking sometimes when engine is running. Sometimes it stays open the whole ride, sometimes everything is normal. I have removed the switch and checked for water, also for broken cables along the hinges where they enter the rooftop, but everything looks fine. I know it could be the switch unit that is going bad due to moisture inside or just plain old age.

But the other strange thing that has happened during the past month is that the volume/bass/treble, etc of the radio is malfunctioning sometimes as well. When I turn the volume wheel nothing happens, or it just turns one step down until it's 0 volume. The volume button also adjusts the bass, treble, etc by pressing it once, and this too doesn't work well. The ON/OFF button works.

Could this be related? And if so, could the cables perhaps run along somewhere, which is where the problem is?