K11 - loss of power

Someone on UJCC has a problem with their wife's Micra, and I said I'd ask on here about it, as you guys were all so knowledgeable when I had mine. :)

Anyway, car is 1.0 W reg with 80k. The problem is
a considerable lack of any 'Umph' that it used to have (it was once nippy) and petrol consumption isnt far off of my MR2! I have given it a change of plugs,air filter and oil but that hasnt done too much too get it back to the way it use to be.
Any ideas would be muchly appreciated.


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Could be a throttlebody problem, have they done a diagnostic check by sticking a paperclip in the fusebox?


I think he means bridging the connection in the Consult port that makes the engine check light blink out the fault codes. I can't remember which pins to bridge, but the Haynes may say...


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Does it have coilpacks?
I ask cause this is same as my Golf at moment, no "umph" and mpg has gone poor, for me it seems to be a bad coilpack.