K11 1994 Ncvt start inhibitor adjustment and

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help here. I have 2 issues I am trying to trouble shoot with my daughter's Micra K11 auto:-

Issue 1. Intermittent starting problem. Car either starts and runs perfectly, or not at all for no apparent reason. When running the car performs normally. Having studied on the net a bit, I came to the conclusion it might be the Brushes that needed replacement, or the gear selector / inhibitor switch adjustment. Turns out the brushes are in very good condition, dry and with lots of life left. The car has done about 65K. Referring to the Haynes manual it suggests a method to check / adjust the inhibitor switch using a 4mm drill that should align into a hole - and for the life of me I cannot see any holes! I do see a U shaped notch on two plates, and they could be thought to kind of line up, but I'm not convinced I am looking in the right place, and am not sure I am identifying the inhibitor switch correctly on top of the gearbox. The self diagnostic check shows no faults and the NCVT light always goes out, and the gear stick movement is easy.

Issue 2. There are 2 separate warning lights for Parking brake and Low Brake Fluid, and I believe they are supposed to work independently. The P symbol is definitely for the handbrake, and not to indicate gear stick position Park ( according to manual ). However, both are going on or off with the activation of the handbrake lever. Fluid level is good. I did pull the plug from the master cylinder and the warning light remains on with or without the plug terminals jumpered!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.