Issue with rear left window

Hi all.
As I've had never used the left rear window since I bought the car back in march never noticed this, but today, when opening all the windows noticed the rear left one (behind the driver) slows noticeable when approaching the bottom. This does not happen with nine if the other windows. When closing the window, no issue at all.
Could you please check in yours and give me your feedback?
Hi. If it is new, get it checked under the warranty. Otherwise, use it a bit and it might free a little. I have also used PTFE spray on window runners. It helps.
Wasn’t til my brother took place in the back and tried opening the door from the inside that we noticed that the rear-left door was struggling to open. The window would go down and up a couple of times after pressing the door release button, but the door didn’t fully open so we couldn’t push it open. Pressing the button again or longer does open it however. The other doors don’t have this issue.
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