Issue with my AE82

Picked her up from the yard today after being sat for 2 weeks and she fired right up on half a turn........however driving back home around 15 miles i park up for 5 mins and car takes alooong time to turn to parents leave for 1.5 hrs and turns over right in town and again stop and takes ages to start.

I think its a heat issue as only happens after engine warm/hot.

Any ideas

Its carb
Vacuum leak.... take it from me. I battled mine for 2 weeks before JAE. It was the pipe expanding and causing a leak.
Block off the vacuum and give it a go
In theory they all work in the same ga16 carb has extremely similar characteristics as my ma10 carb. Just laid out differently.

There should only be one coming out the carb but there may be two. Either way block em off