If you see any SPAM on the forums...


Use this please! :)

If a piece of spam hits 3 votes, it will automatically be moved into the moderation queue for us to deal with and will be hidden from the forums until we deal with it!

Nice one James *Hi 5*
...although I can't see it yet...I'm sure it'll be fantastic :p
...won't be getting those fun messages from me so much now eh? LOL

Low Rider

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That'll work too, probably better as it wouldn't take three downvotes to trigger moderator attention
That doesn't remove the content from public view though Alan. The initial idea was It also gives everyone a say in helping to keep the forum a clean and pleasant environment. However, as it happens, James has had to re-instate the pre-moderation rule due to a massive increase in activity. I had to purge/ban about 2 dozen accounts yesterday and it was getting out of hand again.

When James implements the next forum update, we will hopefully have a better defense against cheap canned meat produce ;)