Registration rules tightened up

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message for new members out there. We are currently going through a period of increased SPAM attacks, so we've had to implement a slightly stricter-than-usual rule to new members.

When you post your first post/thread, it will have to be approved by a moderator first. Once that post has been approved your account moderation rule will be lifted within an hour and you will be free to post as much as you like!

To any other members having trouble posting:
Users who have been inactive for 3 days are not included in the first mass update of accounts, so your unmoderated posting rights will be re-assigned to you within an hour of you logging in again.​
If this does not happen, please feel free to contact me, however, please wait an hour or so after your first log-in before contacting me with any problems.​
We all know in this day and age that SPAM is a necessary evil, so thanks for your understanding in this matter!


Update (06/11/2012): I have noticed a reduction in the amount of spam so I have removed this rule on a trial basis. If we get an influx of spam again, I will re-enable it.


Being a paid up member should automatically remove you from that group, what link are you having trouble viewing?


I have noticed a reduction in the amount of spam so I have removed this rule on a trial basis.

If we get an influx of spam again, I will re-enable it.


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I´ve got a problem with Photobucket pics. I can´t see them in my blog, I think it´s the firewall of some computers that is messing up. Would that Bronze memberships be the cure to my pic problems. I read that bronze members can load pictures from their own computers, but would this photobucket prob still exist or should I send all photos through my computer.

Thanks for your help! :)


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just ignore them george, they only do it if they get any response, if nobody clicks on the post or link then they will bugger off and spam somewhere else

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well, i am not sure how about you, but there is ridiculous amount of spams at the moment
Since the moderator approval has been removed there has been an increase on what is seen on the forum by the general public. The amount of spam in general has gone down but is on the increase again. We just reduced the chances of it being seen by the general public to zero by making new posts subject to moderation. This did however catch a lot of real people in the system.

Given I am an hour ahead of the UK, I am deleting a lot of the spam, (happy to do so too), so I can confirm that it is on the increase again. The methods are however evolving making it harder to deal with.

As forum administrator, only James can advise on how things can be improved technically and if we need to or even can implement alternative solutions to tackle the spam in an efficient manner.