Idle Problem

Hi all, just joined up. Im actually asking a question on behalf of my girlfriend, she has a 53 plate micra, (not sure what engine size, 1.0 or a 1.2 at a guess)

Anyways, on start up from cold, the revs rise up to around 1500rpm and then drop suddenly like it wants to stall, then rise back up to 1500ish.

When warm, the car then idles badly, too low basically. Now, it was in Arnold Clark today, and they claimed not to be able to fix it and the warranty runs out on saturday.

Is it likely to be something simple like an idle screw adjustment needed, or does is seem like something more sinister than that?

And one final question, if the problem is reported and booked in under warranty, but the monkeys cant fix it and give the car back and then the warranty runs out, is the garage still obligated to fix the car for free under warranty if that makes sense??

any advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers



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there is idle adjustment but you have to use consult to do it, its called idle air vol learn, there is a way to correct the idle using consult but thats the cowboy way of covering a problem up which could be a very expensive problem as well eg timing chain stretched


two questions............. 1. is it like a misfire ? 2. do you have crankcase pressure, i.e. after running the engine switch off and undo the oil filler cap, do you get air coming out under pressure, (similar to opening the fuel cap).

if yes, take off the air cleaner assy, 6X10 mm bolts, 2 pipes, 2 elec. plugs, underneath, on top of the rocker box you will see a rubber grommet/seal check that it's not obstructed....quite often these can be damaged or not located correctly after servicing.
if blocked it will cause rough running, hope this helps.