how big are wheels on a micra


Dr. Zoidberg is correct.

Before 1998 K11s had 13 inch wheels, the tyres were 155/70/13 on all models except the Super S/SR (or had alloys as an option) had wider ones - 175/60/13.

Models after came with 14" wheels, but I'm not sure which size tyres they came with.

Also, I believe if they were universal wheel trims they do not fit. I had this problem with my K10 about 2 years ago.

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Just checked your profile and it says you have a k10?? If so the late ones were 13", and this is in the wrong section, assuming it is a k10.


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on the side of the tyre it will say something like 155 / 70/ R13 the R number is the size of the wheel in inchs
love the sig mate, yeah they were that on my facelift. well if they are too big then its gonna be 13 inch mate. if you dont believe it the get a tape measure and you will get a rough idea. just measure too the nearest inch