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Mildred the Micra

It isn't that low atall though plenty of people are a lot lower I never scrub On the roads atall

Hes also failed me on "excessive rust" on places I can assure you there isn't..
He's failed the coilovers them selves and the wheels

He failed the front bumper on missing one screw on the underside!! I
That's how anal he was!!

It passed last year with minor issues and it was lower!!
Exhaust isn't even that loud atall but he failed it as its louder than a standard Micra
He really was brutal!!
Brake pipes arnt excessively corroded either

Genuinely a horrible guy... I he was practically laughing about it !! Xxx
Ive contacted the garage and spoken to my usual mot tester who has motd her since I've had her...
He said he agrees it's way too harsh and that it was unfair he says he knows the car well and knows everything is done too a High standard which he said was nice to see for a change... Ive refused my retest with the man I had and the young chap has given me his personal phone number so I can make sure I can get her in with him
Can't even explain how angry I am! :( xx
Took her for a second opinion...
Praticaly Laughing ...Two patches of rust and one break line....
No play atall in top mounts and the suspension dosnt rub even slightly anywhere same as the wheels as for being weaker... Its definitely not
Break lines up front were fine... Literally a joke...
Now waiting for a retest... where I shall ask about clearing the mot history but xxx
Heyaa guys sorry for late reply...
Yes she passed!! No problems atall!!

(excuse the chipped nail varnish)
Just said the rear axle could do with a wire wheel! :)
Such a releif!
The mot chap along with the garage were laughing at the old mot!
I won't even tell you what he called the man...
But shes all good put her normal bumper back on so I am one happy lady! Xx
Once again....
As some of you have maybe seen on facebook Mildred's drivers side is yet again flooded!

But to mix it up abit it's the sunroof!
So I finally unblocked the drainage to find out these two wernt connected atall....

So a ten minute job turned into a mahoosize pain in The behind!
But fingers crossed that it's fixed and has stopped the leak!
Just to dry her out now!

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soo...... today was the day......
the dreaded MOT
took her down lunch time to go in this afternoon.......
and it was a flying pass! with one advisory of a slight exhaust leak!
happy days!
why hello my lovely ! :)
i know its been adges!
im great thankyou you just back from wales :) how are you?
eurghhhh just a bit was dreading it tbh :L xx
sweet :cool: if only I lived further south then I could've visited you and alot of my car friends over a cuppa.
family visit in wales or just going to demontweeks for car goodies? :p
...just saw the fb post, that's looks a shweet adventure

I'm good too. working at a jewellers, been doing afew trackdays, recently been out & about all over the place for japshow dragstrip, fixing cars in manchester & hull during last weeks heatwave. was exhausting.

MOT is always the worst, especially with tons of mods. it's like waiting for exam results.
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It's a shame you don't then! :)
Unfortunately not demon tweeks :)
Went wild camping with a good friend around North Wales should be going back soon but we're hopefully taking our kayaks next time if we can get a suitable means of transport for his car :)
But we had an awesome time thank-you :)

Oooo a jewellers that sounds wonderful :)
Sounds awesome! I hope Kassandra is all okay :)
Oooooo not fun! Cars and heatwaves! Mildred has been suffering in the heat bless her but I'll give her a look over Sunday :)

OMG I know...... Feels like a life time of waiting but it was a good relief! :)

Heyaaa Dave! How's it going :)
If all goes well I certainly shall be. I start a new job next week so just hoping they honor my annual leave :) xxx

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Hopefully we'll have a good catch up at Jae :) and without getting so drunk :/

That's a fantastic holiday, reminds me of old recreational school trips. Perhaps strap the kayaks ur ya roofs? :p

Nothing special at the jewellers, just simple inventory, post room dispatch stuff and website data entry. It's pocket change income but it keeps me busy, trickling along as I try to fix my mind n get a proper job.

What's the new job?

Kasandra's a right hardcore trooper. She's perfectly fine after all the years of track abuse. Her pants are just falling apart n need mending at this age :p

Simply cooking inside our non aircon tin cans in the heatwave. Was Mildred overheating abit?

So good when ur car leaves test with no advisories.
Fingers crossed Paul! :) that's be great :)

It was great fun :) yes we're getting a roof rack but it's wether we can secure them safely :)

A job is a job though :) that's the important bit :) something else for the CV while you decide what you want :)

I'm going to work in a children's home :)

Good on her! Shes a blooming reliable car! :)
Unfortunately that just comes with the nature of them being old :(

Just a bit! Forgot how toasty she does get inside!
Not overheating but she's slightly bubbling when I turn her off :(
Will investigate Sunday :)

Yes a relieving feeling! :) xxx

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can't wait.

strap it hard onto some rubber cusion? you'll figure it out ;)

indeed it's a trickle to keep me going, better than going stale insane and broke. wish there was a switch or drug that could turn off anxiety (apart from booze) so I can apply for jobs.

that's sounds fabulous & sweet, caring for the kids :) is that like house keeping, cooking, cleaning, reading bed time stories? hope it goes well.

I knoww, even with all the spankin I give her on track she's one hard chick who can do it all day. curvy & bubbly on the outside, a right animal on the inside :p

I look after her, she looks after me :)

omg I can't imagine the heat inside mildred, it must be like wearing a jumper in summer :p
I turn my fan on full cold and even though there's a cool'ish breeze outside, my vents were simply blowing warm air back into the boiling cabin blurgh. windows had to be fully down at the expense of ruining my hair.

try rebleeding air out the rad cap, start it up cold with cap off till it warms up n thermostat opens and give it afew blips to check if any bubbles are coming from the HG fire-rings, fingers xx it's not blown and just urm "trapped wind" :p
Me neither! :)

Haahaa I would but it's not my car

It certainly is :) Paul you don't give your self enough credit!! :)

It certainly is :) like Tracy beaker style! :) I cannot wait something I've wanted to do for a long while! :)

She's an absolute animal! Just keeps giving!

She is one extremely hot bean can ATM :L however the sun roof had been beautiful ATM :)

Yessss I've bleed the system...
Unfortunately bleeding the system has made the bubbling worse :/
But I have no mixing of oil/coolant, no smoke what so ever, heater still works well and it's not over heating atall
Sounds like its coming from the heater matrix...
I hope I haven't blown the HG again :L xx

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I'll take u for a ride at Jae cos I think I've never taken u out in Kasandra before or since awhile ago, and lots have been refined ;)

What bout a kayak trailer?

Ur definately right there, I seriously undervalue myself n my underused talent. Hoping I can turn things around soon.

Just ytubed Tracy breaker cos never heard it before (hides in shame) and lol yeah that'll be a nice challenge, reminds me of Byker Grove :p I'm proud n happy ur aiming for ur dreams :)

Hehe she really is, 'rrawl' bad kitty impression.

I also had to pop my sunroof up too otherwise the vents basically churn up stuffy air inside.

My old micra heater used to bubble after shutting off. Check none of the heater hoses kinked and the heater dial control cable is adjusted correctly so the coolant valve in the matrix opens fully to let bubbles escape.
Sounds good to me as its been a few years since I've been out in her! :)

Yeah that's what we're going to look for :) but Tbh a Volvo is cheaper :L and we can chuck a mattress in the back of that also, turn it into a little camper :L

Yes you do Paul! You are so incredibly talented in so many different ways! Embrace it!

Haahaa bless you! Yessssss! I can't wait I love working and being around children :) can't wait to start! Getting a wee bit nervous now as my first day is on Monday :) but luckily it's summer holidays so I can really bond with the children :)

Haahaa yess! I forgot how nice it was to use the sunroof! :L I keep forgetting I have one! :L

Hoses are all okay and holding a nice amount of pressure :)
Oooo I shall check the cable :) thanks Paul! It's an ittermitent bubble :L some times it does some times it dosnt :L xxx

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yes indeed. if only there was some track event so you could feel what she's like when she's naughty & angry :p
hmm here's an idea, I'm going to santa pod at end of sept for japshow finale. if ur able to make it, I'll be doing this really fun handling track or gymkhana course (as well as the drag strip) and hopefully could give u a ride along ;)

ahh a little camper volvo like Clarksons teenage volvo estate :D


or May's utility camping Volvo


aww thank you sweetheart, that makes me feel better :) just gotta tell my inner self it's gonna be ok out there and it won't hurt as badly again.

always saw you as the loving/nurturing type :cool: this job sounds perfect. first day at work for anyone will always be nervous but yeah it'll prob be alot more chillaxing during half-term to get to know em.

you could install an almera sunroof motor like mine for extra luxury :cool::D

bubbling maybe dependant on how long & hard it's been driven? whether some air pocket is stuck in the matrix plumbing or some exhaust is fizzling into the coolant during high loads?
when the control cable is adjusted right (abit like bicycle cables), the dial should be able to turn freely from hot to cold all the way without any premature jamming.
Oooooo that'd be awesome if they did that! :)
Oooo I shall try my best! That would be fantastic! Your videos always look great!

Yessssss that's exactly what we need! How ever the back of the auris was surprisingly spacious and we fit in there rather comfortably!
I shall maybe redesign the interior!
this was our view from the bottom of Snowdonia for the night :)

You need to! You have such an incredible mind! And a lovely personality :) any work place would be lucky to have you!

Bless you darling! Thank you I appreciate it :)
Day two of new job :) had an induction shift yesterday just going through all the paperwork but had a proper shift today and it was wonderful! Can't wait to get really stuck in! :)

Oooooo yes I could! That would be rather plush!

After doing a few drives with the heater fully on hot and me slight
Roasting the bubbling has stopped *touches wood* sooooo I think it was just trapped wind :)

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thx sweetie. even if they don't allow passengers during the gymkhana, I could still take u for a ride around the country or down the strip (would need to register as passenger for few quid).

snowdonia looks lush & peaceful from the back of the auris :cool: I like driving kasandra in those sorts of sweeping scenic country roads.

bless ya luv, I'm blushin.
one day I'll be able to break free & florish.

almera sunroof motor was simply a direct fit, easy peasy ;)
modding the roof liner to fit is probably the hard bit.

give her a pat on the back to burp out any gasses too hehe :D
A cracked handle is the only damage and luckily a neighbour chased them so they didnt take mildred so I was really lucky :) and there was a bag packed inside of a few bits from mildred. the police are sending csi to check the car and items for finger prints tomorrow but three people have been arrested for attempted theft of her xxx

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