Guide to find all the fuses (interior fuse box and engine bay fuse box)

Hi there!

Just received a message about an issue and as I searched the car for other fuses, I found the ones inside the engine. Below I will post how to gain access to them. If anyone will find more fuses, please reply in the comments, so we can locate them all. I hope this will help in future. ;)

1: Interior fuse box, located on the other side of the driving side:

2: Detailed view inside:

3: Inside the engine bay a bit up the battery: To remove the cover you have to push inside the 3 "clip handles" and pull the cover up.

4. To gain access to the fuses, you have to remove the main block, by pulling aside the 2 "clip handles" and pull the main block up. Do not mind the wires, there is enough space for them to slide out.:

5. Picture of the block removed. There are fuses in the block and inside the box cabinet also:


6. Detailed view of the mobile block:

7. Detailed view of the box that holds the mobile block: