F.A.O Non Club Forum Members - why you can't post a thread here.

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Q. Why can't I post in the Buy and Sell Forum?

A. To sell through the Micra Sports Club you need to be either an Official Club Member i.e Bronze, Silver or Gold.

If you don't wish to become a full club member, we have a Selling Membership package for just £2.50 which will enable you to list your items for sale in our Buy and Sell Forum.

This can be purchased on this link ----> MSC Payments

This package gives you 30 days access to the Buy and Sell forum. If your item(s) does not sell within that 30 period, you will still be able to post in your original for sale threads, but no new Selling threads will be allowed.

Updated 30.03.11:
Any non club member found posting links to there own personal ebay auctions, either in their posts or signatures will be first be issued with a warning and all posts removed containing any of these links.

Updated 04.01.13:
FYI, club members are not exempt from these rules, if you are found to be selling for/on behalf of a non club member you will receive the same penalties as a non-member selling in the general forums.

Anyone who wishes to try repeat their posts with recieve a 7 day ban without warning.

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I feel this thread needs bumping due to a recent increase in people not adhering to the rules of the site.
Not open for further replies.