Exhaust cover replace - oil change

There is a piece of metal protecting the exhaust where is at the lowest point.
I hit a curb and damaged it, the garage wants to replace the whole part, but the exhaust is fine, its just the cover that is damaged.
Can I buy that cover independently and fit it to protect the exhaust pipe?

How often do people change their oil? I use the K12 mostly for short trips of less than 20min

Some run without the heatshield. I looked at mine yesterday and can't see one. I'm sure its not essential. Although I'd still rather have one installed for obvious reasons. Such as it shield the exhausts heat away from the engine bay.
Also wanting to know about what type of oil to use here in UK. For longetivity only do short door to door runs here as well so nothing expensive or flashy would be required.Type of oil meaning most compatible ect.

I read the other day if one use synthetic. From the start or non synthetic. That its recommended to replace with same.Not sure how true or false that may be or what type has been used in the past.
My first thought was to grab some Semi synthetic since its reasonably priced.
Going to wait until its needed I think.

Oil should be changed every 9k miles/12 months for early models or every 12k miles/12 months for later models with the increased sump capacity.
However it is recommended that oil and filter are changed more frequently. Especially if the car is used mainly for short journeys.

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