do you recognise these old locks?

hi. Im new to but im an member of the Almeraownersclub
I was wondering if you could help
Ive posted this thread up on the almera owners club, and i just want you opinion.

I have recently bought an old Asia Rocsta 4x4.
I hear you saying WTF is that?
check out my jonjoes beast thread for images.

Anyway when i bought it i bought it without a key, and i have been starting it with a screwdriver.
today i figured i would take the ignition barrel and a door lock down to the lock smiths near work to see if he could take apart the lock and make a new key.
He said he could with the door lock but couldnt with the ignition barrel, and the door lock key wouldnt work with the ignition barrel key because of double the amount of pins, etc. blah blah blah.

Anyway. the rocsta is made out of alot of old KIA and Mazda parts, so i figured i would pop into the KIA dealership near work. I spoke to the guy, and he said that they dont have any information there on the rocsta :( as some guy has asked before, and he doesnt know about old kia stuff anyway, because the dealership used to be honda dealership.

He did say that he used to work for nissan, and that the door lock looks similar to a nissan lock, to which i then started thinking about it (having never considered the idea before) and i agree that the door lock looks like an almera lock, but neither of the barrels will take my almera key, so we kind of decided that we think there is a chance these are older nissan locks (K10 Micra age). He said that he would go home and have a look through some old nissan paperwork he has, and i said i would ask on here.

So i was hoping you lot could take a look at this and see what you think? are these old nissan locks?
Can i not post images? here is a link to the thread on the almeraownersclub

I really appreciate your help.



Yea that key looks different to the key that should fit the lock, but is the lock and ignition barrel in the same housing do you think?


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They kinda remind me of the K10 locks, dont think they are you can see below theres slight differences between the two.


I know the K10's had the key code stamped on the cam / arm part. (ermm bit that the metal bar clips into haha) that the dealer could use to cut the key from. I'd assume other Nissans around that age would have been the same?

Anything there ?
It looks abit familiar, but the ignition barrel isnt angled or as long, and i cant tell if the door locks would be a straight swap, as i cant see the sides of them, but thats not a big issue, as i can make them fit.

Im going down to see it today, so i might do some re-wring, so i might just put 2 ignition switches in it, 1 hidden and locked away, and one on the dash.

Ive read up on people talking about security on jeep wranglers and such, and they say just to leave it unlocked, as its better for someone to open the door than to tear the roof.

im also thinking of getting a removable steering wheel boss, so that they really couldnt be arsed nicking it even if they could get it started.