DIG-S belt drive noise

For the last 18-24 months, the serpentine belt (as advised by a garage) has been making a noise when cold, but would clear up after being driven. IT is more obvious when its been over night and in damp conditions.

However, today I noticed that the noise has changed to more of a, well, the only way I can describe it is it sounds a bit like a rattle can type noise. Probably the bearings.

Inspecting the engine, it sounds like its coming from the mid to rear side of the engine. In the image below taken from the Nissan workshop manual, it sounds like No 3 - super charger clutch, but I suppose it could be No 4 (this is preferred, as I dare say a simple idle pulley is far cheaper than a electro-mag clutch!)

I do note that the noise does not depend or change on supercharger operation, (so rules out 1 and 2) so it suggests pulley 4...

Car has done just shy of 67k and is approx 8 years old so probably due a change.

Not really the weather to go pulling the inner arch out so further research is needed! Over to the Note owners club forum I go!


Very helpful - thanks.

I will try and take a video, maybe tomorrow of it.

When the weather stops being a pain, I will take a further look, not much room unless you take the wheel off and arch liner... although its MOT time in a month so I may just tell the garage to deal with it!
Managed to get a couple of vids...

First one is a bit pants and short however it was from cold and you can hear the belt starting to squeal

2nd vid is after the engine has been sat for about 2hrs after last being driven

The noise here is the 'rattle can' sound I tried to describe last night. If I apply water to the belt, it quietens down for a short amount of time.

I suspect just the belt now, but I still have my suspicions about pulley 4!
I worked at nissan for a while, a common fault was the v belt stretching and being noisy to the point of sounding like bearings. We did not fit genuine nissan belts because it did not take long for it to happen again. We would always fit a GATES belt, and then would have no more trouble. Try this first.

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The noise has all but stopped now the weather has warmed up so leaving it until it next goes into the garage for a service and will get it done at the same time. Should be into the 70k region then so the belt has had a fair life!


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I have a Nissan note dig-s. It had the exact same sound. I ended up just changing the belt as it was cheap and it now sounds perfect. Worth changing and seeing if it fixes it first
Hello to everyone.
Same problem to my Nissan Note service belt. The motor is the same of Micra dig-s hr12ddr but from 2014 and with 102k km.
This is a video to explain the noise problem that came from service belt.
I temporary solved with some talc until new belt will arrive. I have purchased the Gates one as suggested from NathanFul123.
Almost forgot to update this..... the back box fell off the car last week, so whilst it was in the garage I got them to swap the belts..

The noise was indeed from the serpentine belt.