160sr Serpentine drive belt

Hi all

First Post on here, picked up an 06 (Sport SR) 160SR about 2 months ago, and have been slowly doing a few small jobs that need doing. The Serpentine belt needs replaced. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or a guide on how to carry this out? I'm not new to doing a bit of work on cars, just for some reason have been lucky and never needed to change a belt, so I am asking for advice before I have a proper look at the job. I know its best to attack the belt from underneath with the drivers wheel off, past that I am not sure.

From what I can tell, looking down the narrow gap in the engine bay, unlike some HR16DE which come with an auto tensioner which seem an easy belt change, ours seem to have the old fashioned manual tensioner? If that is the case, I am wondering how little I can get away with removing, or even if I can just loosen the pulley bolt on the tensioner to move it aside a bit and slip the belt over. Also, is there a way to check the belt is tensioned enough with or without buying extra tools.

I have been enjoying the car so far, its the polar opposite of my last car, being about half the size and less than half the power, which has been really enjoyable. Also, it doesn't half fly under the radar. Anyways, any help appreciated.
Have a couple belts put away for mine its a 1.2 not sure how similar they actually are but here is a link to what I'm watching for info to help replace the belt that sometimes makes a little unwanted sound on start up. In my case this goes away after a couple mins and isn't that annoying yet.
Hope this does help you it does not look that complicated.
Also make sure you get a diagram of how the belt goes for your model usually its one with air con and one without.

Note and micra belt change
Thanks for the response. The belt is different, but I think the tensioner setup is very similar, so that should be helpful. (y) Now, time to sort it.