dCi oil pressure light

Just been looking at the location of the (v small!) oil filter on the dCi and realised that it should have a non return valve. Also noticed that the oil light goes out much quicker after the car has been running versus standing over night.

Wondering if the filter has such a valve and if so if it is working...

Not sure if anyone else has observer this or has an oil and filter recommendation - planning on doing the filter and putting in some new 10w40

5W30 is what I use in my Diesel, with regards to the oil filter as this is inverted when the engine is stopped the anti drain filter stops oil draining back into the sump, this is ok,as this particular 1.5 Diesel engine has been in production since early 2000's and is used in many Renault, Suzuki's and Dacia as well as Nissans. they are a great work horses and proved reliable and good on fuel, it depends on your model with regards to Air con and size of turbo pipes which area you have got to remove the oil filter.Nissan code for new oil filter is:1520800Q0H.:unsure:
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