Nissan Micra SRi from Greece

Discussion in 'K11 Micra Blogs' started by kostas007, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    Hello my name is Konstantinos and im a 25year old nissan micra driver.

    it is the 1.3 16V petrol engine with 75bhp


    air intake : replaced the standar paper air filter with aftermarket

    Exhaust: Replaced the cat with another from 1.6 model,removed the center silencer,and replaced the final one

    : Replaced the standar steel 165/60/14 wheels with alloy and 185/50/14 tyres

    Brakes : Replaced the front 234mm brakes with 260mm with BMW E30 318 drilled vented discs,and their 1 piston huge calipers.
    Replaced the rear drums with the whole rear axis from fiat punto gt which has 240mm drilled disc brakes

    : Koni yellow sport shocks (they need repair now)

    electric : replaced the rusted battery terminals with gold plated,added a grounding kit

    Other: Sony Mp3 usb player with sony 16.5cm door speakers,and 6x9 rear speakers,275rms JBL subwoofer on a mac audio ZX 4000 4chan amp

    Dark window tinting
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  3. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

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  4. mullet

    mullet Ex. Club Member

    looking good
    i diddnt know there was an sri version
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  5. superls

    superls K10 Tuner

    nice one you got any pics of the rear axle setup, what modifications did you have to do if any?
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  6. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    ill put some from the front brake system to see.
    there are major mods and customizations,that look kinda dangerous :p
    the braking distance is much much smaller.especially in high speeds (more than 120kmh/h) i think its even half than the previous orignal setup with the poor brakes and the jelly suspension
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  7. frank

    frank Club Member

    those are impressive brake mods konstantinos (Y) what,s next on the list ?
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  8. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    hm next improvements will be small
    on the list are repaint the brake calipers red,change tyres :p ,HID light kit,(maybe rear led lights),grounding kit,iridium spark plugs,and maybe bigger diameter in the exhaust.
  9. Mailys62

    Mailys62 Buy & Sell Member

    Very nice mod
    Welcome here !
  10. MicraItaly

    MicraItaly Well-Known Member

    very nice!!!! (Y)
    and very unusual body color!
  11. baguete

    baguete Club Member (Bronze)

    Looking great mate, what will be the next mod?

    Do you have more pics and infos about your braking system?
  12. Seb_

    Seb_ Give me some frogs.

    Hello !
    Like everybody said, nice and original color (it must be hard to find canned spray in stores tho) I have a lot of questions to ask.
    What year is the car ? 2000 ?
    I also like the SRI and 1.3i badges ! Never saw them before; they were already on the car or you added them?
    Nice wheels too !
    The only thing I would remove are the diagonal facelift side bump strips.
    Does the Super S spoiler was installed when you bought the car? It's the first time I see one on a facelift model.

    Welcome to the club !

  13. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    the last pic is from the front systen and the other 2-3 are from the rear axis
    what else do you want me to tell you?:D

    the sri and the 1.3i were original ,i didnt add them!
    its the 2000 model,and since then i only have seen one more identical micra,same colour same badges.
    the spoiler was installed when i bought it.i havent added anything external
    the side strips i like them very much :wasntme:
    the only thing i dont like is the rear ride height,when i have time and money ill lower it down a bit more to be identical with the front
  14. frank

    frank Club Member

    he probably wants to know (like me) if they were a direct fit Konstantinos, or if you had to make custom brackets or spacers etc :grinning:
  15. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    here is an almost full 12mp from my dslr :p (full 12mp was 5.5MB!)

  16. baguete

    baguete Club Member (Bronze)

    Yes, just want to know what is needed to put those brakes (both front and rear). Some close up pics would be great. :rolleyes:
  17. pjg1979


    Great Micra you have there, very impressed with what you have done with the brakes, did you fit the Fiat GT brakes yourself?
  18. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    i had to put spacers,also the front brake calipers have about 1mm distance from the rim!so i needed to put specific offset rims to fit.

    not me,i bought them from a friend (he is mechanic) who had them on an identical micra that used to race
  19. Manny

    Manny Ex. Club Member

    nice car. ive never seen a micra in the colour what yours is in. do them drilled groove discs make a difference?
  20. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    drilled are for weight reduction and better cooling.
    i couldnt manage to stress the brakes so much so they overheat...
  21. Manny

    Manny Ex. Club Member

    also suppose to be better stopping with the grooves, do they overheat now?
  22. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    nope.but even when they get hot,there is no performance reduction
  23. Micra Bern

    Micra Bern New Member

    Nice car love the colour... Greece ohh my favorite country, Bet you dont have snow lol!
  24. Manny

    Manny Ex. Club Member

    did you mean they was overheating before? i not too sure about the above post?
  25. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    the default brakes were crap.
    the rear drums almost didnt brake at all,and the front brakes were struggling to stop the car,especially if there were more than the driver inside...
    and after 1-2 hard stops they were very hot..
  26. Shero

    Shero Ex. Club Member

    really nice job man! im eventually going to get round to fitting my grooved /drilled /vented discs and better calipers after a close call with a fool in a 4x4 yesterday. But still cars lookin nice and the HUGE discs really look mean. :D
  27. oranje

    oranje Well-Known Member

    ελα μωρη πατριδα...να ταραξουμε και την ευρωπη...πολυ ωραιο το micraki σου..εγω εχω 2 micra superturbo..ενα δικο μου κ ενα του αδερφου..micra rules..!
  28. kostas007

    kostas007 Well-Known Member

    i just added a grounding kit :grinning:
    uploaded 2 pictures!
    huge difference in a lot of things
  29. chrisy07

    chrisy07 New Member

    they isn't must of got mistaking for a Si or SR, 1 of the 2 lol

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