CGA3DE Throttle Body Question

Hi all,

Finally got around to changing the throttle body on my K11 after ages of uneasy idles etc. Having done the research and found the coilpack TB's are the same on the 1.0 and the 1.4(really a 1.3) I am in the middle of changing it now but have come across an inconsistency.

In the pics below, what is the long metal pipe at the front of the TB? It seems to just go straight through and the replacement has this section blocked off? Any ideas?

Urgent answers would be appreciated as car is in bits at the moment!


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It takes coolant from the block and cycles it around the throttlebody to heat the intake.

At some point Nissan did away with it completely, as some of my CGA3DE cylinder heads have the water feed on the back right hand side of the block and others do not.

It will fit and work fine, all you will need to do is bung up the water feed supply on the back of the block and the return pipe coupled to the water pump intake.
Hi thanks for the response. We ended up just fitting a straight pipe across and clamping it from either end! Seems to hold and looks ok with no leaks.

As a result it now idles fine and does not stall, however, there is still some hesitation when accelerating on WOT where it struggles to rev and sounds like its coughing! A slow acceleration seems to work better but it makes it very slow on the road....Any ideas what could be causing it? TB changed just now, lambdas have been changed as well.