Central Locking problem

Hi folks,

I recently obtained a rather tatty 1998 1.3gx. She runs fine but i'm having some problems with the locking.

The remote fob (came with the car, looks like the original) doesn't work. I have checked the batteries with a multimeter and they are fine.

The central locking only works from the passenger door. Bizarrely, I cannot open the passenger door from the inside if I have unlocked the car from the drivers side. I have to walk round and unlock it with the key o_O

I can only lock all of the doors at once from the passenger side. The drivers one seems to work independently of all the others and doesn't make any central locking type noises when unlocked.

Help? :p
Take the drivers door trim off etc to gain access to the lock actuator. Take it off and check for signs of water damage (Any I've had to take off have been full of water) and check the terminals at the big plug. Usually rotten!

Before taking the door to pieces, I tried some of the advice on here about re-linking the fob. I had to unplug the power to the central locking device under the steering wheel first, and it took a couple of tries, but the fob is now working and it locks and unlocks all of the doors.

It's still not working perfectly. When unlocking the door with the fob, it unlocks, then locks really quickly. You have to be quick and open it before it locks :grinning:

I suspect that there is a problem within one of the doors somewhere, so at some point will do what you suggest and check the door internals.