Battery draining - immobiliser?

2003 Micra. Battery is being drained such that if it is left for a day or two it is completely flat. Feeling very stupid now, since I have replaced the battery.

I put a meter on it and the amount of current being drawn varies a bit - sometimes over 1 Amp. Removing the Immobiliser fuse drops the current to a few milliamps.

Any ideas anyone? Is the immobiliser a separate system in these, or is it just part of the main engine management computer?


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there might be other components sharing the immobiliser fuse, possibly central locking ?
1 amp is a lot of current eh !
to get a true battery drain reading from a K12 you need shut all doors lock the vehicle and without removing power from the car take the reading 15minute after locking it us as you need give it time for the bcm and ipdm to full shut down into sleep mode
you will be after reading less than 0.02