Airbag light flashing - another fault light clearing possibility

So after getting back in my k11 after jetwashing it there it was, a dreaded airbag flashing light on the dash.
My initial thought was that maybe some water had got in the electrics, random I know but after checking under the bonnet it was bone dry. Drove the few miles home, still flashing, so did the key in the ignition/on off reset shuffle ... No change. Thought maybe it was the seatbelt pretensioner connector as I'd had my 6ft 4 plus mate in who'd had the seat fully back so cleaned them up and inspected the connectors ... No change. Now I'm thinking my next journey will be to a Nissan dealer, when I decided to check the airbag connections on the steering wheel, even though I hadn't knocked or interfered with them in any way. Popped off the cowlings and disconnected/reconnected/ had a bit of a wiggle of any connectors within reach around the ignition barrel too ... No more flashing light. Took it for a little test drive and still no light on. Winner!
The moral of this story, boys and girls, is check everything you possibly can, no matter how obscure or even if you haven't knocked, interfered or done anything whatsoever with it before handing over your hard-earned to someone else, as electrickery can have a mind of it's own and sometimes do the most random things.