ABS Brake pads


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I've been scouring the internet for a few days now and still can't seem to find an answer to this question. I have a K11, 1.3 SLX. It has ABS and I want to change my pads and possibly disks for the first time. Now I went to halfords because I have a friend there that can get me trade price on everything. The problem is this, I've got these pads, and on them it says "NISSAN Micra (not ABS) (F)".

Now my question is this, does that mean that these pads will not work with ABS, does it mean that I can not fit these pads at all? I very much like the ABS on my car as it has been very useful so far, so I would very much like to keep it working if possible. My friend's theory is that ABS on my Micra is probably only on the rear wheels, is this likely? I would have thought that it would be more important to have ABS on the wheels that actually do the steering?

Any info on this matter at all would be greatly appreciated, cheers.


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i think all micra front brakes are the same, putting those pads in won't affect the abs, this has it's own control unit. and abs always works on all wheels. it probably says not abs because the manufacturer is unsure if they are the same, which they are. basically, if they fit, they are fine. same as discs, they are also the same.