90s Nostalgia

I saw something I recognised at the car boot sale this morning...instantly reminded me of this thread.
anyone remember "CatDog" on Nikelodeon?

I thought I'd posted it before o_O

Anyway...I purchased an apparently rare hand puppet for £1 :p


...I'm 27, and I'm still buying toys LOL

ETA: I figured it out, I have posted it before in the "Word association thread" ^_^


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Some of my 90's, in a sort of vaguely chronological order, but mostly just as the wave of nostalgia come over me.

Around the start of the decade I had a great chrome Motobecane frame with Mavic alloy rims, it was a race frame so really light. We bought all our bikes second/third hand and built them up from bits. So they were usually actually 80's bikes being sold on by older kids who had moved onto newer freestyle bikes a few years previously. There were always loads of Skyway Tuff and Tuff2 mags doing the rounds. Objects of desire included the Mongoose Decade.

My first motorised transport was a Suzuki CS50

I had a Fiat Panda as the first car I was able to use, this was followed by the use of a Mk2 Astra Van and then a Mk2 Polo.

There were two other Mk2 Polo's a red and a blue bread van, a Fiat 126, Citroen Visa and a Pug 205. There was also a Ford Anglia that I wanted to build with capri struts and lowing blocks, finished in a peppermint green, but my dad wanted me to restore to stock and subsequently never went anywhere. I sold it on to a guy at college and it eventually emerged a few years later bright yellow and bubble ached over white minilights.

Towards the end of the decade there was a Caddy pick up and a Citroen Xantia. I cant remember if my first W123 Benz was the tail end of 99 or the early naughties.

I was massively into a fairly weird combination of middle of the road AOR (Eagles, Dire Straights, ELO, Carpenters etc) and Sixties pop/rock. Really getting into curent music with the birth of what was to become Brit Pop.

The Word was compulsory weekly viewing, introducing such sonic delights as Radiohead, Sleeper and Elastica.

Of course TOTP still existed too, with such gems as Beck's Looser and Whale's Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe sticking in my mind

Other television highlights included,

Bad habits and indulgences were the same as all the decades before and after, B&H were swapped for Embasy No1 and Camel Mild - untipped. The end of the decade was Golden Virgina and blue papers. I stopped when I met my now wife in the naughties.

Red K Cider got me enjoying drinking with mates playing, playing video games (Amiga 500) in the chalet caravan at the bottom of my parents garden

Various institutions were attended including sixthform and college in Chichester and Nottingham Trent university. An awesome city, Selecta Disk - (massive record shop) to entertain duing the day time, and Rock City and the Irish in the eveings for good music, and The Ritz and the Black Orchid for the dancey cheese.

Reading would have included a combination of...

It was a pretty big decade for me, starting out as a spotty schoolboy and ended up, well still in full time eduation actually, but it was a hell of a journey!


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Had one of these in Bracknell. I remember it well.

Not sure about one of these...I do remember the shop though!

And these. Oh yes.


I've ruined my car 🙁
Well if this thread is being revived my 90s nostalgia would involve crawling, falling and dribbling over everything (born in 98)

"It just looks like a scrotum" - Jeremy Clarkson on the K12


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i liked the 90's saddam was around so we never heard of isis
90's was ok but i feel 80's was much better .reason being I had no aspartame in my cheddar :)