1993 Peugeot 205 GTX - LOW MILES! £900


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Here for sale is my lovely 205 GTX. It's a very rare car now, you won't find another for sale in this country. According to howmanyleft there's just 18 GTX's registered in the UK.
Okay, so, what is a GTX? It's a lot like the very desirable XS, however it has the added bonus of being single point fuel injection. I was told this car is around 75bhp, I honest believe it's more than that.
Good points:
Very low miles at just 67K
All standard (Aside from a headunit with aux point)
Stunning grey colour, very understated, good paint with only a few minor scratches
Very rare car now
SPF injection, no trouble starting in the cold
Lovely interior, super comfy half bucket seats
a huge wad of history, including a handwritten history documenting the cars owners

Bad points:
I don't want to let anyone down, so I'm going to be really picky..
Some small amount of damage on the bonnet, it's been repaired badly and has left a couple of splodges
Small dents on the tailgate
The gearbox doesn't stay in third gear - I've got a replacement 106 gearbox, straight swap, in the boot of the car which will be included in the price of the sale

I believe that's all there is to say about this car. I'm only selling as I'm wanting a 205 1.6 GTI. Contact me via PM to arrange viewing or for any questions at all. I would love this to go to an enthusiast! Thanks for reading.
PART EXCHANGE: Peugeot 205 GTI! (Cash your way obviously!)
Newbury, Berks.