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Sensible, reliable, economical daily.. Max's Pug 205


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Decided to start a blog, just because myself, @stuartwood89 and @McMicra are taking over the MSC with cars that aren't Micras. Sorry!
Pics soon.

So, I bought this as a replacement to my facelift K11. The plan was to autotest/autosolo with the Peugeot, somehow, I don't think that's happening...
So I decided to keep the Micra, and use that for autotests. The best thing is my dad will be driving it on the road to and from events, this means I can give him £150 to insure it and then we can modify it properly, because cheap insurance.

The 205. I've wanted one for a long time, ever since my mum sold her 1.8 diesel she had all the time I was growing up.
This one came up, and it just fit the bill. I wanted a 1.6 GTI, but I wouldn't have been able to keep the Micra and fund a GTI, so, it's a good thing I settled for a GTX.... If it actually is a GTX. I don't know, MyCarCheck says it's an XT. Insurer seems to think it's a GTX. It doesn't matter - it's clean. Mechanically it needs some love... New gearbox is first on the list. Just keeps jumping out of gears, and apparently the 1.4 MA gearbox's are notorious for doing that.
The steering needs some attention, it's too heavy, my dad drove it and he's had many cars without PAS and said they've been much lighter than that, so that could do with doing.
The coolant was just brown sludge, with some help I've flushed that out and replaced it with new stuff. That was a disgusting job haha.
It's a bit of a project...
For the local garage...
I won't need the car for a long while yet so it doesn't matter.
Won't be updating this too often, because it's just a daily, and want to keep it stock (let's see how long that lasts) and just tidy it up.
Thanks for reading
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